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Shop & Earn

Order your Grocery from your Neighbourhood Stores on BinBill App and you will get anything delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes! No more waiting till tomorrow for your Grocery. Get highest Discounts & Cashback across a wide range of items.



Kirana Connect

Now Connect with your Kirana, Store par bhi, Ghar par bhi! Order from the comfort of your home, get a snapshot of all products stocked by a Store, Offers running in the Store, Loyalty Programs & Deals as well as Credit offered by the Store.

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Managing Household Products

BinBill stores details of all your Home appliances, vehicles, important documents & Expenses to be accessed anytime, anywhere. It Provides timely alerts on Insurance & Warranty Expiry, Renewals, Repair History and Maintenance expenses.



Expense Insights

Keep a track of all your Home expenses starting from how much you spend on Grocery Shopping, Travel, Dining, and Other Household Items! Gain insights on your spending habits for better budget management.

How it Works?

  • location

    Choose your Location

  • store

    Discover your Neighbourhood Kiranas

  • shopping-bag

    Check Store's Items & Ongoing Offers

  • purchase

    Place Order & Get Delivery in 45 minutes

  • checked

    Check Items before Payment

  • money-transfer

    Pay Online to Redeem & Earn BB Cash

What is BinBill Wallet?

BinBill Wallet saves all the BinBill Cashback that you earn through Grocery Shopping on the App. You can redeem this Cashback on your subsequent Orders in the App.


What is your eHome?

Your eHome in BinBill is simply a digital notebook where you can store and manage detailed, important information of anything and everything you own and use in your home in the form of a Product Card, Document Card or Service Card.

What Our Users Are Saying

I have been using BinBill for 3 months now and it is really easy for me to Order Groceries at my convenient time. Best part is I can do this from sitting at home and wait for only 30-40 minutes before my order arrives. It has surely changed my way of shopping for my grocery and vegetables for the better.

Pawan Bisht,

Manager, Gurugram

At first, I was not very convinced if shopping on BinBill was better than just calling for my groceries from my trusted Kirana shop. In fact, I found out that I could shop in a better way and see all items at one go on BinBill App even of my own Kirana shop. Even the delivery is fasted if I order on the App! So, now I only order on BinBill and get the same quality products from my Kirana Store.

Sunita Katyal,

Housewife, Gurugram

The best part about BinBill is that you don’t really need to plan what to buy a day in advance. You get instant delivery and in my house, I keep discovering one item or the other in the kitchen is over.

Sneha Narain,

Teacher, Gurugram

I get good deals, cashback & loyalty points on BinBill. Even the Offers are amazing on the grocery items. It’s a lot of saving and smart buying along with convenience to me.

Abdul Raheem Ansari,

Ad professional, New Delhi

BinBill’s unique Product Card Concept has help me tremendously in creating digital identity of my home appliances. All my after sales needs are just a click away.




Managing bills was a big hassle before BinBill. I had to maintain a log of bills. BinBill allows me to do everything digitally and very conveniently. Made me super efficient.




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